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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Pisoga..the past...the present...and future

Hello everyone,

Update: the problem has been fixed. Now the forum can be accessed again.

Updated 1/3/2012: As you probably already know, the forum is down. For the past few days, I've been trying to fight against all the spam bots. Unfortunately, the forum, mySQL, and server were all outdated and when I updated to a new, more secured version, they conflicted. With no other option, I had to purge the entire forum and set up a new one. This is indeed a very sad decision but we have to find a way to stop all those hateful spam bots.

A complete new forum has been setup, please use this URL to go to the forum:

Please register an account in the new forum. After that, we will figure out new staff positions.

@Fullmetalbabe: If you don't mind, I would like to set you as one of administrators in the new forum.

I’m hunter2001, the administrator and founder of Pisoga. If you are reading this message, it must mean that you must be one of a few dedicated members of Pisoga. I sincerely thank you for that.

As you have known, I have not logged in nor managed the site since 2008. There were some major issues happened to my life during that time and please allow me to keep them to myself.

It makes me depressed to say this. Pisoga is now just a dead site. All once-dedicated members are now gone and there are hardly new members come in. Understandably, the full responsibility lies in myself.

It’s saddening remembering the past, the golden days when lot of members hung out and had fun at Pisoga. Those are undeniably sweet memories yet those sweet memories now probably have turned into bitten one.

Memories of that past is great and we should not forget those happy days. However, it certainly is harmful if we only dwell in the past. We can do nothing to change what already happened. But, we certainly can change the future.

As of now, I’m planning to revive Pisoga, to make it back to its Golden days. If you happen to come across this message and would like to lend a hand. Please PM me in the forum and we can discuss in details. I promise that Pisoga will be back and be better than the old days. It will happen even if I must do it by myself.

Thank you so much for reading this message.

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